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CashFlash is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services. With CashFlash, the Internet of Blockchains, we're bringing you a whole new way to use your cryptocurrencies - all within one platform that works on multiple blockchains, so that you can spend without borders.



CashFlash is the most trusted way to build value.

CashFlash uses a state-of-the-art blockchain framework that powers the CashFlash Blockchain and its rapidly expanding orbit of sovereign chains.


Carbon footprint

Blockchains are energy efficient and can support billions, without the need for centralized processing power.

A small number of large validators handle consensus making them more secure than PoW systems where miners have significant influence over network health through 51% attacks or double spend attempts.


Enjoy the lowest fees.
Almost zero.

The speed which your transaction completes depends on how busy the network is at the time - it's usually two seconds though!


Transactions confirmed
in seconds

Converting between currencies has always been expensive, with high fees often costing more than 1% of an exchange rate itself!

At CashFlash transaction fees cost just one cent per transaction (max) no matter how much money you send or receive.

CashFlash is bringing the world of EVM applications.

And assets to the interoperable networks of the ecosystem, all while aligning developer and user incentives.

Let’s adventure together into the world of innovation where EVM meets interchain composability.

Rewards making. Not taking.

The CashFlash Tokenomics are designed to incentivize and reward the most inspired developers and the most active users.

Easier by

With modular EVM authoring, we make it easy to develop and deploy apps across the most important ecosystems.


Devs can build for the depth and the breadth of the system by creating DeFi and diverse apps to benefit all users.


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